Rendang Maman (Ayam/Chicken) Vacuum Packed 150g
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Rendang Maman Ayam (Chicken)


- Chicken flavor.

- Savoury.

- Vacuum packed.

- Comes frozen for easy handling.

How to serve:

- Put Rendang Maman in boiling water for 4-5 minutes. Once thawed and fully heated, open sealed packet and serve to be enjoyed by everyone.

Rendang Maman is a traditional Malay dish made with beef or chicken stewed in coconut milk and spices infused with Jeruk Maman (pickled shona cabbage) vacuumed sealed in a ready-to-eat package. Made fresh locally in Malaysia.


- Savoury delicious traditional Malay dish.

- Ready-to-eat (heat up in boiling water).

- Frozen food long shelf life.

What's in the box

Rendang Maman Ayam x 1