Portable Oxygen Concentrator
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Size (L x W x H) 220 mm x 160 mm x 85 mm
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Bring Fresh Oxygen Wherever You Go

Why we use Portable Oxygen Concentrator:

- Grab-and-go flexibility.

- Easy to use.

- Cost effective solution.

- Mobile comfort.


- Low noise level.

- Lightweight.

- Easy to charge.

- Reliable uninterrupted oxygen supply.

How it works:

- Filter oxygen from other gases in the air eg: nitrogen.

- Takes about 20,000 breath every day.

- Deliver 96% pure oxygen.



1L portable oxygen concentrator, 1000ml per minute.

Oxygen concentration is 90%—3%/+6% max.

1~5 flows with different oxygen supply level, if in 5th flow, you will get 1L oxygen i n one minute.

Pulse Dose oxygen supply, deliver O2 based on breathing rates.

O2 utilisation rate is 100% in Pulse Dose, but only 20% in Continuous Flow.

Battery duration time 2~4 hours.

AC & DC power supply.

What's in the box

Portable Oxygen Concentrator x 1, AC Power Supply x 1, DC Cable Adapter x 1, Carry Bag x 1